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What to know about polished floor repairs

Renovating your home can be a beautiful task but also a stressful one. When you don’t know which materials to use to fit your lifestyle, and end up causing less financial hassle than you signed on initially.

Choosing the right floors for your house is step one. Some constructors will even suggest you get your floor polished and sanded first, whilst others will shuffle between applying coats, renovating the entire floor, and others will simply suggest repairing. Timber floor polishing is a long term solution – if you know how to take care of your floors.

Polished concrete floors, is concrete that was treated with chemicals and it has been ground with finer grinding tools. Almost like when you’re polishing a diamond. From time to time however, they will break, tear, and result in a more rustic look that you had planned. Which is why concrete polished floor repairs could vary from resealing and maintaining the structure every two or three years, to fixing enormous cracks on the floor. But since it can scratch and crack easily, anything you accidentally drop on the floor could mean you need to hire a repairman to fix the cracks. After all, you want to pick the best floors to match your style, and your capacity to pay for constant repairs.

When choosing the right floors for your house, décor, and lifestyle, Timber may be the most adequate choice. Sanding, installing and polishing timber floors is one the most effective rejuvenating processes for your floors. If you chose timber floors, then maintenance is not going to be as difficult as it would be with concrete floors. Floor polishing could guarantee up to 6 or 7 years of satisfying results, which means you can enjoy your new timber polished floors for longer than expected.

However, each individual job is different and customized. It may include floor sanding, and a lot of pre and after floor care, focusing on not scratching on stepping on the floor once it has been treated.

During the job duration you must keep off, particularly after the final coat has been applied.

Timber polishing repairs have several more requirements, such as only walking bare foot or wearing socks, after the final coat were applied, which usually happens on the 4th day. If you have furniture on the floor that needs to be moved, we recommend felt to place under the places where they could harm and scratch the floors. It is suggested that a few tablespoons of white vinegar in a big bucket filled with warm water, and usage of a damp mop, to clean the floors once the floor polishing has been finished.

Any rugs, mats or furniture placed on top of the floors, especially when the sunlight widely hits the floor, may cause an outline around the objects that were placed on the floor, because of the ageing process of timber and coatings.

We believe catering to your polishing floor needs in Brisbane is key. Taking care, rejuvenating and repairing your floors is our passion, while being reliable and always finishing on time.

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