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The Art of Floor Revival

Welcome to D.R. Main Floors, Brisbane’s dedicated floor maintenance specialists. With our exceptional floor polishing services, we breathe new life into your existing floors, restoring their original beauty and shine. Our dedication lies in transforming timeworn surfaces into stunning polished timber floors, treating each project with the passion it deserves.

As a homeowner, maintaining the elegance of your internal timber floors is an essential aspect of preserving your home’s value and appeal. From stunning hoop pine floors to unique hardwood floors, our services ensure your floors remain an impressive feature of your home.

Sanded and polished wooden flooring
Parquetry Floor

Crafted with Care

At the heart of our company are the shared values of family, integrity, and expertise. As a family business operating in Brisbane, we pride ourselves on treating each floor polishing job as if it were for our own home. Over the decades, our dedicated professional floor sanders have honed their craft, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our commitment to quality service is paralleled only by our commitment to our clients. In our journey as a Brisbane floor sanding company, we’ve cultivated lasting relationships with our customers, providing them with unrivalled service. We’re not just polishing floors; we’re building trust and community, one timber floor at a time.

Experience the Difference – Polishing for Every Floor

Every floor is unique, holding untold stories within its grains. At D.R. Main Floors, we’re passionate about revealing the true character of your flooring, whether it’s timber, hoop pine, parquetry, or cork, through our impeccable floor polishing services.

Timber Floors:

Our expertise in timber floor polishing brings out the hidden depth, character, and beauty of your hardwood. With our carefully honed techniques, we renew and revitalise the timber, giving it a lasting shine.

Hoop Pine Floors:

Hoop Pine floors have a unique appeal, and we’re experienced in highlighting their natural charm. Our floor polish enhances the timber’s rich hues and guarantees a perfect finish every time.


Intricate patterns of parquetry need a delicate touch. Our team expertly polishes each piece, maintaining the detailed design while adding an elegant sheen.

Cork Flooring:

Our floor polishing service transforms cork flooring, providing a smooth, durable finish while preserving its natural warmth and resilience.

Quality Floor Care, Unmatched Prices

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sanded and polished wooden flooring

There's More To Polished Floors Than Their Looks

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation: We first meet with you to understand your needs, assess your floors and provide a comprehensive quote detailing the floor polishing cost.
  2. Preparation: Before we begin, you need to ensure your floors are clean and clear of any old floor coverings or debris. This step is crucial to achieve the best results. We can help you find a solution if you require removal and disposal of floor coverings.
  3. Sanding: Using state-of-the-art equipment, we carry out the floor sanding job, removing old finishes and preparing the surface for the polish. We are meticulous during this process, ensuring all scratches and old stains are removed within the sandable depth. It is not always possible to remove deep gouges and marks as we can only sand to a certain depth and can not deep sand on a particular spot as this would create a well in the floor and potentially weaken the strength of the boards.
  4. Polishing: The actual application of the floor polish is done with precision and care. We ensure an even spread for a consistent and high-quality finish.
  5. Aftercare Guidance: Once the job is complete, we’ll provide you with expert advice on how to maintain your newly polished floors, ensuring they remain stunning for years to come.
Polished Deck
sanded and polished wooden flooring

We're Committed to Quality and Sustainability

At D.R. Main Floors, we’re driven by our commitment to deliver high-quality, eco-friendly solutions. We understand that floor maintenance isn’t just about the look and longevity of your floors, but also about the health of your home environment. That’s why we’ve chosen to only use floor polish and products that are of excellent quality, offering our clients a choice of Non Toxic Water Based finishes or traditional Solvent Based Polyurethane Finishes. We strive to use and support Australian made top quality products.

Moreover, our dedication to environmentally-friendly practices doesn’t compromise on quality. The high-grade, green products we use in our floor sanding and polishing process not only have less impact on the environment, but also provide superior results. This combination ensures that while we’re enhancing the aesthetics and durability of your floors, we’re also making a positive contribution to our planet.

Quality Floor Care, Unmatched Prices

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Why Trust D.R. Main Floors with Your Flooring?

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Preserving the Shine – Expert Floor Care Tips

Polished floors are a sight to behold, but maintaining their lustrous appeal requires proper care. To help you in this, D.R. Main Floors shares practical and simple floor care tips that ensure your floors continue to shine, showcasing their beauty and elegance.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers –
Frequently Asked Questions

A: The frequency of floor polishing depends on the traffic your floors endure and their current condition. On average, we recommend professional polishing every 5 years or sooner depending upon the amount of wear and tear your floors receive.

A: If your floors start showing signs of dullness, minor scratches or wear and tear, it’s probably time for a polish. Also, high-traffic areas may require more frequent attention.

A: We use a range of high quality finishes including Non Toxic Water Base finishes and Solvent Polyurethane Finishes. The type of finish we use will depend on your floor type and your personal preference.

A: The duration depends on the size and condition of your floors. We usually complete most jobs within a week. However, we will provide a more accurate timeline during the initial consultation.

A: At D.R. Main Floors, we use heavy duty machinery with dust extraction but it is not dustless. While some dust is inevitable, we do our utmost to minimise its presence and clean up after the job is done. Our clients are usually very happy with the end result which is minimal dust and beautiful  looking floors.

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At D.R. Main Floors, we treat each and every property like it’s our own, ensuring that you get a stunning result that will last for many years to come. We offer a range of services to customers in Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounds, including timber floor, deck, and stair sanding, polishing, and staining.

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