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The Benefits of Sanding and Polishing Timber Floors

Having timber floors will add beauty and equity to any loft, provided they are properly taken care of. Without regular maintenance timber floors can easily loose their original lustre and become lifeless and dull. If you live in the Brisbane area and are familiar with the Queensland climate, you’ll know that floor sanding can restore timber flooring products and create a new look that had long ago faded, ensuring that your timber floor is modern enough for any dinner party.

Repairing Damaged Timber Floors with Sanding

Overtime your floor can become damaged and it may seem like the only possible solutions that are available to you is to throw down decorative rugs or have your floors replaced. A less costly and time consuming alternative to floor replacement would be to have a floor sanding in Brisbane company fully sand and polish your timber floors. This will improve the look of your timber floor and add years to it’s lifespan. An added benefit is that you’ll avoid having to buy multiple decorative rugs, even though rugs can add charm to the decor of your loft they also can require more cleaning to prevent too much dust. By avoiding excess dust, you’ll have a clean and healthy loft that’ll be a pleasant experience for yourself and any visitor that stops by.

Sanding and Polishing the Complete Timber Floor

An often overlooked part of timber floors is the staircase. To ensure that your timber has been returned to a polished state, similar to how it was when it was newly installed you’ll want to have both floor board sanding and stair sanding completed. By having floor and stair sanding done, you’ll have an equally polished floor running throughout your entire loft. This will prevent your family and friends from noticing differences within your floors, in fact they may even believe that you have replaced your floors completely.

The Importance of Timber Deck Sanding

Outdoor deck sanding is an essential part of protecting the decking that surrounds your pool or spa. It’s vital that you perform deck sanding and polishing whenever it appears to be needed, as by doing so you’ll have a new and clean outer loft appearance. You’ll also be able to ensure that wet feet don’t get splintered by deck timber that is aging. Floor board sanding is an essential form of timber floor care and maintenance, by having this work performed you’ll prevent early aging that commonly results from poor cleaning products, heavy foot traffic and environmental elements caused by high sun exposure, extreme cold weather and heavy rains.

Refresh the floor in your home

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