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Verandah for Stuartholme Girls School

We were lucky enough to help local private school, Stuartholme Girls School bring an old verandah back to life. As you know, schools have a lot of high traffic areas, so one of the requirements of this restoration was to ensure functionality.

If your verandah is looking a little worse for wear – give us a call on (07) 3378 8522 or request a free qoute.

Verandah for Stuartholme Girls School

What We Did

For the best result for the job, we used medium sanding followed by three coats of Ultradeck Natural. This combination achieved a look that was both aesthetically pleasing and tough enough to withstand the daily punishment.

Stuartholme School strives to give girls the opportunity to learn and strive for personal excellence in an environment of vibrant and inclusive education. We’re thrilled to become a part of the history of this school and help our local community.

Verandah for Stuartholme Girls School

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