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Refreshed Floors West End

Here’s a secret: if you want to change your floors, you don’t have to endure massive renovations by starting from the very beginning.

In fact, old boards can be refreshed from what you once thought were unsalvageable to floors that look completely new. D.R. Main Floors recently completed a make-over project in West End, Brisbane to pine timber floor boards that had been coated in Black Japan.

Refreshed Floors West End

What We Did

If you’re unfamiliar with Black Japan, it’s not exactly the easiest coating to remove (to say the least).

Black Japan not only causes the timber to age at vastly different rates but it also requires a far more abrasive sandpaper to get rid of it than a regular coating. As you can see in the image, the floorboards in the hallway look completely worn down and tired, with scratches and discolouring over them.

Looking at them, it might have seemed just as easy to get rid of them completely and start from square one.

However, through sanding the timber and finishing them with a fine sand and semi gloss finish, we were able to give the boards a complete refresh.

The greatest part of it all: it only took three days to complete.

It may look like an easy job, but the stunning outcome for the flooring is guaranteed by the over 25 years that Glyn has been working in the flooring industry. It’s quite evident the owners were astounded by the transformation that occurred to the flooring, with such little hassle. If you have a similar improvement you can envision for your floors; then we can begin the change you want to see.

Refreshed Floors West End

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