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Hardwood Floors Success Kenmore

If you’re looking to remodel or renovate your home, you’ve probably discussed different flooring options. When choosing flooring for your home, you cannot go past hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors can last for generations with the correct care and maintenance.

However after years of wear and tear, hardwood floorboards can begin to look unsightly if not taken care of properly. That was the case for our client in Kenmore, QLD.

Hardwood Floors Success Kenmore

The results speak for themselves – beautiful polished floors are extremely attractive to modern buyers.

What We Did

We sanded and repolished the existing hardwood floors and breathed new life back into them presenting spectacular results, especially as they were wanting to re-sell the home.

We also had the pleasure of transforming the Lounge, Dining, Kitchen and hall along with three bedrooms. We improved the look and value of this home by sanding and polishing these floors to perfection.

Gloss Polyurethane finish was applied to these beautiful Hardwood Timber floors and the job took three days to complete.

We only use the best materials and machinery to create a top quality finish.

D.R Main Floors are the floor sanding professionals who can transform your tired hardwood floors and bring them back to life! Needless to say, the home at Kenmore sold remarkably quickly and the lucky new owners have beautiful polished floors to enjoy.

Another successful hardwood floors restoration completed by the DR Main Floors team!

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