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Cork Floor – Rejuvenated

Cork is a wonderful natural product that offers great insulation properties. It is quite soft underfoot and wears incredibly well over time. It has the benefit of not being overly cold in winter and still cool in summer.

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Cork Floor - Rejuvenated

What We Did

As it is a natural product it will have variations in colour and especially when it has been re sanded and polished. Sanding of Cork is quite different to a traditional timber floor and a lot of skill and care is needed when sanding Cork due to the soft nature of the product. Cork re-sanding does tend to throw out a bit more dust than when sanding traditional timber floors due to the composition of Cork.

The flooring in the pictures had been exposed to many years of wear and tear without any proper maintenance during that time, however as you can see from the pictures it was possible to bring the Cork back to its true beautiful condition. The clients who were the new owners of the property decided to have a Satin Finish on the Cork in keeping with the rest of the house which had timber floors which we also rejuvenated with a Satin Finish.

Cork Floor - Rejuvenated

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