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Common Floor Sanding Myths You Should Be Aware Of Before Hiring a Contractor

Before you hire a contractor to sand the floors and decks of your Brisbane home, you should learn a bit about some of the common sanding myths circulating out there. Separating fact from fiction is the one sure way of avoiding getting scammed. The techniques used to sand floors vary to a certain degree so you should be surprised if you get two or three opinions from different contractors and they all tell you different things.

If a contractor tells you that their method will be dust free, they’re lying. While equipment in this field has advanced significantly, it’s not really possible to avoid a dust free project after the sanding process is complete.

Another common lie being tossed around by flooring contractors is that the recoating technique should be applied every 2 years or so to keep your Brisbane floors looking their best. The fact is that floor finishes can last ten to 20 years. A maintenance plan is not required. If they tell you otherwise you’re being scammed.

Floor sanding takes a lot more than just sanding. It’s not a process you can rush in, sand the floor, apply a coat or two and leave. Sanding alone will not give you beautiful floors. The process requires that broken boards be replaced, holes and dents be filled, and so much more before the sanding process on your deck or floors are completed.

Another common myth to watch out for is that if you see the nails, the wooden floor can no longer be sanded. This isn’t true. As the foundation moves, the nails will begin to push themselves up over time. This does not mean that you need to have your wooden floors replaced with new ones. If the contractor suggests this because there’s no more floor to sand, chances are they are trying to get more money out of you.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch so don’t fall for it when a contractor tells you that they will sand your floors for half the cost of what their competitors charge. You will likely end up paying more, not less.

The best way to catch a contractor in a lie is by asking questions like what steps are they going to take in the floor sanding process; what safety measures will they implement to guarantee that the house doesn’t go up in flames? What type of coating will they be using on the floor? A contractor that’s caught off guard and unable to answer these simple questions are likely inexperienced or scam artists and you should avoid them at all cost.

Another thing you should ask about is whether or not they have a warranty. The warranty does not guarantee that they will cover expenses to repair the damage if something goes wrong. So it’s important to read between the fine lines of the warranty before committing to a contractor.

Finding the right contractor to work on your Brisbane home requires that you do a little research and separate fact from myth. Ultimately, it’s your decision that will guarantee success or failure in this situation.

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