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Advantages To Staining Your Deck

If you are planning on using timber flooring for the deck of your Brisbane home, then you should definitely consider staining the wood. There are several reasons why you should do this, and not simply to ensure that the deck looks beautiful. Staining will also protect the wood from the destructive damages of the elements.

For starters, wooden decks and siding in Brisbane will be exposed and vulnerable to rain water. Besides, even if your timber or wooden floors are indoors, a burst water pipe or even a spilled drink can seep into the wooden pores, dulling its look. By doing a deck or floor staining, you ensure that the surface of the wood remains relatively waterproof. If outdoors, the water will simply slide off the wood without having any effect to your deck.

Staining your deck and wooden floors will also protect the wood from rotting. Rotting is actually a huge problem with wood. Once the decaying process starts, there is very little that can be done to save it. Plus, as the wood rots, it can become quite dangerous because the structural integrity of the wooden deck or floor will weaken and break. Either you, a loved one, or a guest can be injured by the crumbling or collapsing wood. Once the rot sets in, you will have to replace the wood which will cost you money. Staining your deck and floors will save you the costly hassle of replacing it.

Moisture from water can result in an infestation of mold and mildew, which you can avoid with the staining process. The process will also help to keep out several pests, including those dreaded termites, which can completely destroy your deck, floors, and even your home.

Sunlight has the ability to turn the deck and wooden siding and floors of your home dullish and discolored. So if you have wood in areas of your home where it will be exposed to sunlight, you’d be wise to protect it with a good wood staining process.

Staining also allows you to change different shades of wood that might look uneven on your deck or floor so that the color matches evenly. There are two types of wood stain that are available for you to choose from. If your wooden deck has large pores, you would do better to use a pigment based staining process. If your deck has smaller pores, then you’d be wiser to choose a dye type stain.

Make sure to clean the deck or flooring before you begin the staining process. If there are already weather stains present, then you can probably use a stain stripper first to remove them. If for whatever reason these weather stains don’t come off, you can use sandpaper to remove them before starting the staining process.

Keep in mind that using more stain isn’t always better. You would do well to use the right brush and a semi-transparent wood stain product to allow the natural look of the wood to come through. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with a floor that looks more like plastic than wood. Plus, adding too much stain has an added side effect; it will begin to peel off over time and make your deck and floors look unsightly.

By performing the staining process correctly you will ensure that you have a beautiful, shiny floor for years to come.

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