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The Important Of Using a Professional to Sand Your Floors

There are a lot of myths out there about floor sanding, which is why it is very important for you to hire professionals to sand your floors, particularly those made of timber wood. There are several specialists who can provide services for timber floors and even sand staircases made of wood.

The fact is that the type of floor finish that is done will determine how long the results will last. A professional contractor will ensure that the right amount of time has passed between coats to guarantee sufficient drying. They will also apply the right number of coats too, which is something most homeowners don’t have a clue about when they trying doing it themselves.

A professional will know better than to combine stains and finishes that aren’t compatible. If this were to occur out of carelessness, the finish on your floors would begin to peel off. They’ll also buff the floors between coats to reduce the chances that your floors will need refinishing anytime in the near future. The compatibility of stains and finishes guarantees that that the finish on your timber floors will last. The worst thing anyone can do on their own is to apply a water-based finished on top of oil based stains on their floors within a 24 hour period. A professional should take whatever steps are needed to ensure that the stains and finishes properly bond.

Another reason you’d want to hire a professional is because sanding hardwood floors come with certain dangers if the process is improperly performed. A contractor will have the sufficient knowledge to properly connect the belt sander using a cable that connects directly into the fuse box. An improper connection would otherwise cause an increased risk of electrical shock and perhaps even death.

A professional will do everything necessary to ensure that the safety of your home and loved ones are guaranteed during the sanding process in your Brisbane home. To that end, they will empty the bags from the sanding tool and take the garbage bag or bags out of the house after the work is complete each night. A person that goes at this alone may not realize it but improperly disposed of bags containing dust and debris from the sanded floor can heat up and set on fire.

The one thing you should do as a homeowner before hiring a professional is checking to make sure that they are insured and licensed to perform the work. One of the ways you’ll be able to tell if the contractor has poor ethics is if they smoke. If those poorly extinguished cigarette butts come in contact with the trash from the sanding process, it would turn all the wood dust and the chemicals used into something highly flammable.

A professional will be able to advise you how to properly ventilate the house after the job is complete to prevent fumes from collecting inside the property. This is particularly important because locked up fumes could make their way into the water heater tank and cause a fire as well.

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