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Revamp Floors Toowong

Sand and polish – Toowong Brisbane

You may remember one of the most recent jobs DR Main Floors undertook at Toowong, which was staining the floors of a room that were mixed with new pine flooring and old floorboards.

Attempting to blend the stain so the variance between the different types of floors was a challenge, but it was something we overcame.

After the homeowners had been so pleased with the job we did in their living room, the family decided their kitchen and dining floors also needed a refreshment.

Like the original job, this one faced its set of challenges, particularly with the hexagonal shape of the room. These shaping issues mean the timber must be sanded in different ways due to the angle of the floors.

The floors were finished with a polyurethane gloss finish, which creates the fresh and bright look of any modern home.

However, having the polish means that any gaps between the boards is highlighted more than without it and also that the boards run in a different direction to each other.

While many may see this as a downfall, DR Main Floors was able to make it an interesting feature of the room.

All of this, including the sanding of the flooring and polishing, took just three days to complete with minimal fuss caused.

This was just another excellent job completed by DR Mains Floors and exemplifies the diversity of needs we can meet.