Floor Care

  1. You must keep off floors for duration of job and especially 24 hours after final coat is applied.

  2. Do Not walk on floors, open doors or windows in areas being polished or rooms leading into these areas.

  3. 24 hours after final coat has been applied(i.e 4th Day), you may walk on floors, preferably in bare feet or socks and open windows to ventilate fumes. Fumes will disappear within a couple of days.

  4. Please DO NOT drag anything over your polished floors - THEY WILL SCRATCH!

  5. We recommend use of felt under any items that will be moved on a regular basis(i.e table, chairs,bar stools).We suggest super glue to stick felt to objects moved regularly.

  6. Remember Pets claws will scratch the floors and the pads of dogs feet are quite abrasive.

  7. DO NOT leave water/fluids sitting on floors - wipe up immediately with paper towels.

  8. It does take 7 -10 days for the polish to cure but can be up to 90 days to fully harden.

  9. High traffic areas will show signs of wear/tear first. We suggest hall runners/ and or mats be used in high traffic situations.

  10. Please be advised that rugs/matts/furniture/objects sitting on floors with plenty of daylight coming in will risk leaving an outline of where objects have sat on floors due to the ageing process of the coatings and timber.

  11. CLEANING - we recommend a few tablespoons of white vinegar in a bucket of warm not hot water using a damp not wet mop to clean floors.

  12. Under no circumstances are steam mops to be used or other cleaning agents/chemicals. These cleaning products can be abrasive and cause rejection problems with coatings.

  13. It is highly recommended that an antistatic mop be used to pick up dust between mopping/ vacuuming. Antistatic mops make it easy to look after your floors and are available in your local supermarkets. Sabco make one with interchangeable heads for mopping and dust control.

  14. Under no circumstances should HIGH HEELS be worn on timber floors. Black soled sports shoes can scuff floors.

  15. Only use a polished floors vacuume head when cleaning. Godfrey’s sell them for most vacuume’s.


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