Decks and what we do.

  • We sand all types of Timber Decks/Verandahs/Walkways
  • Sanding of External Stairs/Ramps
  • We can apply a range of market leading decking finishes(see list)
  • Sand only ready for the customer to apply their own decking finishes.
  • We do a rough and medium sand to all decking

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Process for Re Sanding / Oiling a Deck

  • Day 1
    • If we are just sanding a Deck this will be completed in 1 day but does depend on m2 and what work is involved.
    • We do a Rough and Medium Sand and punch nails if needed
    • We apply the 1st coat of Oil/Finish chosen
    • If the customer is oiling/applying Finish then it is imperative that the first coat is applied as soon after the sanding is completed and most importantly before any weathering can occurr especially rain
  • Day 2
    • We will come back and apply the second coat of the Chosen Product
  • Day 3
    • We return to apply usually the final coat(depends on coating system chosen)
    • If timber gets wet prior or during sanding stage then we can't continue until it is dry.
    • At no time is anyone to walk on decks from when we commence the work until we complete the work and it is dry. Traffic on the decks during our sanding and coating processes can introduce contaminants and effect the end result
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Process for Re Coating Deck (Maintenance Coat)

Day 1
  • Pre Wash/Scrub Deck
Day 2
  • Apply Maintenance Coat
  • Day 3
    • Apply Second Maintenance Coat

Do's & Don'ts for a freshly coated deck

  • You must wait 24hours minimum before walking on decks and replacing furniture
  • Some decking products are affected by high levels of humidity, which can take oils longer to "tack" off completely
  • Put Felt under all objects on Decks and super glue if needed to prevent it falling off.
  • Plant Pots can leave rings and affect the coatings due to water pooling under/around pots bases/dishes.
  • These marks left from pot plants are not always easily removed and a complete resand may be required to remove them.
  • All decking finishes will scratch if things are dragged over the surface.
  • Liquids should be mopped up as soon as they are noticed as some drinks spilt on the coating can affect the finish.

Help, my deck is still tacky!

If you find your deck is tacky still after 24hrs allow further drying time as this will usually remedy the problem.

If after 7 days it is still tacky then run a cold hose over the deck let it dry and repeat this process until it tacks off. This process will help speed up the "taking off" process

Remember at different times of the year decks can take longer to tack off completely.



New Deck Care

Depending upon the timber type , many species need to be "bled" of Tannins before they can be sanded and finished eg Merbau/Kwila

The bleeding process can be sped up with the use of "Sikkens Cetol BL Tannin & Oil Remover", followed by "Cetol BL Deck & Wood Cleaner" This process can take up to six months if allowed to bleed the traditional way. So using these products speeds it up so it can be done within weeks.

New Decks do not have to be sanded , but they do need to have the application of the Deck & Wood Cleaner done prior to coating.

3 Coats of finish is usually applied depending upon chosen product

The Tannin and Oil remover and Wood Cleaner processes can be performed by the home owner to save money prior to us carrying out the sanding and or coating stages.

How to clean your deck

  • A simple hosing down is sometimes all that is needed and a light sweep with a soft bristle brush.
  • Mop dirty Decks with mild detergent and mop
  • Oaxlic Acid wash will help remove mould spots
  • If a BBQ has left fat deposits try using white vinegar on some paper towel and wipe up fats/spills.

Safety requirements

  • New regulations for external steps and ramps need to have a non- slip coating applied. We also highly recommend this for around swimming pools.
  • We recommend Sikkens Deck Slip Resistant Finish.


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